Merchant Cash Advance Program For Retail Business

Having a retail business requires a decent amount of working capital to keep operations running smoothly. It is essential for your retail store to always have proper inventory, equipment, employees, premises, and products to be able to survive in thriving retail business. But what happens when you need working capital to grow your business but don’t have the money to do it? Access to small business loan through a bank can be a painstakingly long process, and the approval late is very low due to the risky nature of the retail industry.

This is where retail stores financing from JustiFi Capital can help you. Our merchant cash advance program is the right solution for your financing problem. Our retail stores financing solutions can be used for a variety of expenses your store may run into.

It can be used for:

shoe store

The possibilities are endless!!!!

With our smooth, painless and stress-free application process for retail stores financing solution, you can receive business funding within 48 hours and use your working capital for any business expense you have.

Grow your business today with JustiFi Capital and get:

  • Quick access to capital – receive funding within 48 hours
  • Choices of flexible payback options
  • Easy process without extensive paperwork
  • Financing available even with bad credit


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You can grow your retail business store and fund your business needs with this quick and hassle-free alternative funding option. Bad credit should not hamper your business prospects. You can expand your business, and continue to provide customized products to your consumers. Call 516-400-7070 to discover a merchant cash advance for your retail store. Contact us now and get working capital to address your needs and expand your business.

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