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It’s not easy being an hotelier. You have to juggle so many details and so many different types of staff. But the biggest challenge of all is often finances. Even well-established hotels and motels can develop bad credit due to their high operating costs and the seasonal nature of the business. Combined with pressure to constantly evolve and upgrade services, an alternative funding solution would be essential for hoteliers who are struggling with their finances. If you’re in this situation, a merchant cash advance program from JustiFi Capital can be a life-saver.

The beauty of seeking motel or hotel financing options from JustiFi Capital is that you can use the money you receive for any area of improvement for your business.

Here are a few examples of how hotels have put financing they received to good use:


The possibilities are endless!!!!

With our smooth, painless and stress-free application process for motel or hotel loans, you can receive funding within 48 hours and use your working capital for any business expense you have.

  • Grow your business today with JustiFi Capital and get:
  • Quick access to capital – receive funding within 48 hours
  • Choices of flexible payback options
  • Easy process without extensive paperwork
  • Financing available even with bad credit
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Experience in the hospitality industry

Hotels are well-represented amongst our clients. Over the years, we’ve gained experience in the hospitality industry and understand its unique needs. If you own a hotel and you’re interested in finding hotel financing companies, you can call 516-400-7070 to discover a merchant cash advance for your hotel or motel. Contact us now and get working capital to address your needs and expand your business.

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