Merchant Cash Advance Program For Restaurants

If you are an owner of a restaurant, you would know that a good portion of your working capital goes toward inventory, appliances and equipment, leasing space, hiring trained staff, and marketing. Unfortunately, with the high competition in the restaurant industry, finding a financing source for your business is a challenge, no matter how successful your restaurant is, making it necessary to search for a restaurant financing option that works for you.

JustiFi Capital understands your problem. Hence why we have prepared an excellent financing program for restaurant. With access to working capital from JustiFi Capital, your restaurant will have the ability to respond to new trends, deal with unexpected expenses, and other purposes.

Our restaurant financing program can help your business to:

The possibilities are endless!!!!

Grow your business today with JustiFi Capital and get:

  • Quick access to capital – receive funding within 48 hours
  • Choices of flexible payback options
  • Easy process without extensive paperwork
  • Financing available even with bad credit
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JustiFi Capital works with all restaurant types — casual, upscale casual, fast casual, fine dining, family, or quick serve, making JustiFi Capital one of the best restaurant financing companies around. Whether you want to improve or expand your restaurant, we are here to help you achieve your dreams without any hassles. Call 516-400-7070 to discover a merchant cash advance for your restaurant.

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