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The Alternative Lending Industry and Merchant Cash Advance

alternative lending

Commercial lenders have made it difficult for small businesses to secure a loan – whether fixed or working capital. This is where alternative lending comes into play to support the finances of such businesses. The business financing options swooped in to fulfill the requirements of the companies. It is believed that every 1 in 5 […]

Why You Should Take Advantage of Advance Cash to Grow Your Business

adcance cash

Merchant funding in the form of advance cash is a financial service which currently seeks to provide capital for mainly small and medium scale businesses.  This service as it were is especially suited to companies which accept credit card payments and which fulfill a huge volume of their face to face business transactions by doing […]

The Merchant Cash Advance definition and How You Can Utilize it for Business Growth

merchant cash advance definition

Statistics have shown that some 80 percent of small businesses use some sort of financing to build their businesses, and even to embark on other developmental projects once the business has been established. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small firms to have access to bank loans. In 2012 alone, according to one study, […]

Obtain Commercial Truck Financing from a Reliable Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Lender

commercial truck financing

The easiest and fastest way to access the best source of commercial truck financing these days is via merchant cash advance (MCA) small business loans. This type of financing is based on the current cash flow of your business.  A business owner must have a reliable system of conducting their business using credit or debit […]

How Merchant Cash Advance Can Provide Easy Cash for Those Seeking Medical Finance for Their Practice

Easy Cash for Those Seeking Medical Finance for Their Practice

With science advancing at such a rampant pace, the need for direct capital to pursue medical practices is greater than ever. The capital can be used for buying equipment or supplies. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) has now become a viable option for medical businesses which have proved to be a better alternative for conventional financing. […]

Merchant Cash Advance: How to Apply for Business Loan Fast

apply for business loan

The need to apply for business loan is too common with small business owners. This is owing to their varied day to day working finances and long-term investments. One of the most popularly used sources of achieving business capital is Merchant Cash Advance Loans. In general, Merchant Cash Advance loans are taken up by business […]

The Cash Advance Fee and Other Reasons to Determine the Best Source of Business Funding

cash advance fee

Different sources of borrowing charge you different costs. A cash advance fee always comes along when you choose to seek out a source of finance. There is a cost associated with each and every loan facility that a business organization undertakes, whether it is for meeting the working capital requirement or for any other purpose. […]